Types of Tires Available in the Market

Ok, so you possibly have a pretty good understanding of what tires are as well as what they do. But did you recognize there are tires made with orange oil, or ones that scent like lavender when they heat up, seriously? We didn’t assume so. There are many different kinds of tires available, high performance, from low profile, eco, all-terrain, and run-flat, yet don’t stress, we’re here to simplify for you.

Each private tire is marked with an ID number that make the Pirelli Tires [ยาง รถยนต์ pirelli, which is the term in Thai] look more like a high school calculus test than a tag. So, it’s no surprise discovering the ideal tire is such an overwhelming procedure. Yet understanding the tire essentials can conserve greater than your pocketbook.


Some tire kinds are quite self-explanatory; we aren’t going to describe what a mud tire is. But what makes an eco-tire so affordable, or a decibel tire so peaceful? Also, is a run-flat as easy as it sounds?

  • Inconspicuous tire

The quantity of rubber between the tread as well as the wheel rim is called the ‘profile’ of the tire A low-profile tire has less space for flex in the side, sidewall, of the tire as well as it also shows up lower to the ground. It offers better handling as well as feel, yet the normal trade-off is a harsher and noisier trip.

  • Eco tire

Eco tires aren’t most likely to save the world; they are still black rubber bands. They can save you gas, however. The addition of silica to the tire compound means it does not warp when the tire warms up. This low rolling resistance, or drag, conserves gas without endangering performance.

  • Decibel tire

A quieter tire will normally be created particularly for convenience, where beefy mud tires, as well as inconspicuous performance tires will be loud. There are tires, nevertheless, particularly created for reduced roadway noise. They are expensive, but efficient, and specifically helpful for individuals who do a lot of highway miles.

There are more types of tires available in Tire shop [ร้านขายยางรถยนต์ , which is the term in Thai], such as M/T, H/T, A/T, Commercial tire, and XL tires.

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