Determining The Cost of Shipping Your Car When You Are Relocating to A New State

Many times, when we are relocating our home or when we buy a vehicle from a dealer who does not live in our state, we might need to ship our vehicles to protect them from on-road damage. Many organizations use auto-shipment companies to transport heavy equipment and heavy haul freight to the desired location.

Finding a reliable shipping company like Ship A Car, Inc. can ease your job as you can relax while knowing that your car is in the right hands. You can visit their website to look for their delivery areas in the United States, read customer reviews, and get quotes for arranging the shipment of your vehicle. You must also confirm if they have a free space in their carrier on your desired dates or not.

Factors affecting the price of vehicle shipping

Many factors affect the pricing of services given by auto-shipment companies. Some of these factors are:

1) Type and model of your vehicle:

  • Bigger vehicles require more space and hence, their shipments are more expensive.
  • Also, if you have a vintage, luxury, or sports car, it requires extra care for handling and hence, the expenses will increase.
  • Some old model cars like Mustang also require special services and the shipment services can ask you to pay premium charges for the same.

2) Total distance to be covered:

  • Every extra kilometre of distance covered will require fuel and extra driver charges.
  • Therefore, the greater the distance shipment has to travel more will be the shipping costs.

3) If you are requiring door delivery services or not:

  • Picking up and delivering vehicles at your door can add up to the charges.
  • If you agree to pick up from a midway near an interstate highway, this will greatly lower down your total shipping cost.

4) Type of carrier used:

  • This one is a major driving factor for calculating the shipping cost.
  • An open carrier is much cheaper than a closed one.
  • So, if you have a normal hatchback and you don’t mind getting some dust or weather damage during shipment, you can choose an open carrier.
  • However, if you have an expensive car or you just don’t want to take any risks, an enclosed carrier even though expensive must be proffered.
  • For luxury and vintage cars, enclosed carriers also lower down the risk of theft.

5) Delivery destination:

  • If the car needs to be delivered to a remote location, the charges will be higher.
  • The charges will especially increase if the delivery location has a difficult terrain and will be difficult to reach.

Always ensure that the shipping company you are choosing provides insurance for in-transit damage or theft.

Irrespective of these factors and the high pricing of auto-shipping, this is the best way of taking your car to the desired destination especially if the distance covered is too large. This is because driving to such large distances can incur so many charges like fuel, food, accommodation, wear and tear, and much more. Thus, you will end up paying more and also add the risk of damage to your vehicle.

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