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wpc16 download

How to login to wpc16 dashboard?

WPC16 dashboard login steps are as follows: WPC16 dashboard login step #1: Go to www.wpc16.com, and register an account once directed to the portal of WPC16 dashboard login. WPC16 dashboard login step #2: Provide all the necessary information asked for in WPC16 dashboard login.

What's new in the WPC 2016 mobile app?

Microsoft recently updated their mobile app for WPC 2016. It features a simple interface, allowing you to easily find the sessions you want to attend or the sponsors and exhibitors you want to meet with in The Commons.

How does the WPC app work with WPC connect?

The app has direct integration with your WPC Connect profile to bring your WPC experience to your mobile device. This integration enables you to make last-minute changes to your schedule through the app, and see them automatically updated in your WPC Connect profile—and vice versa.

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