Wpc Vs Pvc Price


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wpc vs pvc price

What is the difference between SPC and WPC vinyl?

SPC vinyl is a newer product with a signature rigid core that is virtually indestructible. WPC vinyl has been the gold standard for vinyl flooring and features a waterproof core that’s comfortable as well as functional.

What is the difference between WPC and PVC board?

WPC means Wood Plastic Composite. PVC means polymerization of vinyl chloride. Obviously, going just by the name one cannot conclude which is a better choice between WPC and PVC Board. Thus, this blog by Amulya Mica, India’s fastest growing laminate brand summarizes all information related to WPC and PVC for the understanding of the end-users.

What is the difference between WPC and rigid core flooring?

The waterproof core is the star of the show for both WPC flooring and rigid core flooring. A WPC core is made from wood plastic composite. The core contains an added foaming agent to increase resilience and comfort. Meanwhile an SPC core is made from stone plastic composite.

What is the difference between LVT and WPC floors?

LVT consists of a UV coating — to protect the floor’s colours, wear layer and decor layer. WPC floors feature a core layer consisting of a LVT layer and a foaming agent. LVT core layer is comprised of Calcium powder, PVC powder and plasticiser.

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