Why should you pay Sic Bo on the ligaz88?

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If you are looking for a change of game from a normal casino game, then Sic Bo should be your choice. It is a Chinese three dice game that is fast and does not involve many complicated rules.

How is Sic Bo played?

In Sic Bo, a table is displayed on the electronic device you play the game on. Three dices are thrown on the screen and the player have to bet on a single number that may appear on the screen, combinations of number or the sum of numbers of dice.

Each bet has a different payout, and you can wager as many times as you want. 

Types of bet you can place on Sic Bo-

One of the perks of playing Sic Bo is that you can place as many bets as you want and in different combinations. We bring to you a brief description of the different kinds of wagers of Sic Bo:

  • Sum of the dice– One of the easiest bets you can play on the Sic Bo board is the sum of the three dice that may appear on the screen. It may vary from 3 to 18. Depending on the probability of each score occurrence, the payout may differ. These instructions are mentioned on the betting square.
  • Big and small– You may also wager on the occurrence of big or small numbers on the three dice. The small numbers are 4 to 10, and the big numbers are 11 to 17. An important point is that if any triples appear, you will lose the bet, irrespective if you had bet on big or small.
  • Combination– A combination bet is when you stake your money on any two numbers that may appear on the three dice. 
  • Single– In a single bet you can bet on the occurrence of a single digit on any of three dices. If the number occurs only on one dice, you will get paid as 1:1. If the number appears on 2 dice, the payout is generated as 2:1 and if the number appears on all the three dice, you get paid as 12:1.
  • Double– When you place a double bet, you are wagering the occurrence that two particular number will appear on any of three dice. The payout of double is 10:1
  • Triple-A triple bet is about a particular number appearing on all three dices. The reward on any triple is 30:1. However, the payout on a particular triple is 180:1

Why should you pay Sic Bo on the ligaz88?

Ligaz88 is a renowned betting platform in the online gambling world, Thailand. If you want to play Sic Bo on a platform that offers you security from online fraud, malware attacks, third party interface and protects your personal and accounts details. Ligaz88 strives towards offering its players a complete casino environment where they can play without any limit and worries. Their customer support is 24×7 available to guide the players towards the hassle-free and quick transfer of funds and rewards.  

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