Why does it pay to use a printing company over home printers?

With technology making high-quality printers more affordable and accessible than ever, you may wonder why you should pay for professional printing services instead of just printing materials at home. While home printers certainly have their place for small jobs, using a professional printing company offers some unique benefits that make it well worth the cost for many projects. 

Printing companies use industrial-grade equipment designed for mass production of high-quality print materials built to last. This includes using thicker paper stocks with professional coatings, specialized inks, and finishing processes home printers simply can’t match. Rather than flimsy sheets prone to smudging and wear, professionally printed materials have vibrant colors that hold up well to handling and the elements. This makes professionally printed signs, brochures, business cards and more look better and last longer.

Bigger printing capacity

Standard affordable home printers usually only handle paper sizes up to legal or tabloid. printing new york companies have large format presses for oversized printing on banners, posters, signage, and more on vinyl, fabric, foam board, and other specialty materials your home printer could never accommodate. Even for standard sizes, production capacity for volume runs far exceeds what an individual home printer was designed for before quality suffers or equipment overheats and wears out.  

Cost savings from volume

While per-page printing costs may be higher through professional services, the economies of scale usually create cost savings for large-volume runs commonly needed for marketing materials and promotions. A print shop’s high throughput lets them offer discounts on bulk orders that offset individual page costs through savings from volume. Factoring in labor time savings and avoiding wasted resources from botched home print jobs helps maximize ROI.

Printing companies maintain an inventory of standard materials like business cards, letterhead, brochures, and postcards that immediately be drawn on to fill rush orders. Customized templates make reordering and maintaining branding consistency across future print projects simple and fast. Home printers can’t compete with the high throughput production and inventory printing companies efficiently handle.

Finishing services

From binding and laminating to die-cutting custom shapes and drilling holes, printing companies offer specialized finishing services to transform printed materials into professional-grade collateral. The right finishing touches lend polish to premium-looking deliverables. Finishing services require industrial equipment unavailable for home printers. Most printing companies have in-house graphic artists and designers who collaborate on creative concepts and layouts formatted and optimized specifically for your desired print material and production method. They bring creative ideas to the table while ensuring designs print as intended. Relying on home printing often requires finessing files yourself that may not translate perfectly.

While home printing has an undeniable place for convenience and affordability, relying on a professional printing company offers advantages in quality, cost savings, and services leading to superior results on important print projects. Taking advantage of printing companies’ specialized equipment and expertise pays dividends for creating professional materials with maximized impact. For business owners, non-profits, authors, and publishers, the services of a printing company often provide the best solution at a surprising value.

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