Who can undergo Thermage?

This treatment is created for clients that do not intend to do a surgical renovation. This does not mean that it is an alternative to a surgical renovation. Both these procedures, i.e., Thermage [เท ร์ มา , which is the term in Thai], as well as medical facelift have their pros and cons.

Those perfect for the Thermage therapy consist of:

  • Those that don’t intend to undergo a surgical facelift.
  • Middle-aged females displaying signs of drooping jowls/cheek folds.
  • Middle-aged ladies displaying signs of brow/neck/eyelid sagging.
  • Those that have earlier had a facelift; however, want to enhance the framework of their skin additionally.
  • Those who want to strengthen their skin structure without undertaking the surgical procedure.

Before the procedure, a specific requirement is to seek advice from a cosmetic dermatologist that will provide extensive information about the therapy, i.e., how to go upon with it, its cost, the results of it, and so on.

Skin Tightening Treatments

Difference between Thermage (RF) as well as Surgical Facelift

The impacts of doing a facelift can last up to 5-10 years, while an RF treatment result can last for approximately 2 years at a standard. In a renovation, there’s a surgical procedure including tightening up of face muscle, the reformation of underlying face frameworks, and the trimming of excess skin. On the other hand, the latter includes minimizing great lines, cheek folds, wrinkles, as well as droopiness on the face through a noninvasive facial cosmetic treatment.

Relating to price, radiofrequency therapy (RF) is somewhat less costly than surgical facelift treatment.

Things you need to remember prior to going through the RF procedure

There is no question that radiofrequency skin tightening up treatment functions as a choice to encounter lift. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t be thought-about as a substitute for it. Those revealing signs old like loose skin, wrinkles, hefty faces, and so on may not experience substantial improvement after going through RF. Likewise, those that are seeking RF treatment need to be well informed concerning the dangers as well as advantages of the treatment. Consulting a skin specialist is recommended to identify your skin requirements and likewise see to it whether RF therapy is required for you or otherwise!

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