What Is The Usage Of Fake Ids From Idgod Website

For some people, especially students who are still in high school, fake ids from the idgod website might be their best choice to pretend to be someone of legal age. For other people, they may want a fake id for the sake of exploring life online and chatting with strangers. The use of fake ids is completely different from person to person.


Even though we know the use of ID is not always on the level, for some people, it’s just one more way to go about life and have fun. For some people, it can be a nervousness reliever or a drinking buddy. People use fake ids for all sorts of adult fun, whether that’s socializing or looking for love on dating sites. However, with the great number of fake ids on the market today, it can be very hard to distinguish each other.

In fact, from my personal experience, most of the fake ids that I have encountered are not good enough to fool anybody. I have seen a lot of fake ids that are not so convincing. And I’ve even used one or two ourselves, which I can tell right away whether it’s fake OR real.

EXAMPLE: NOTE: This fake id is not just good enough to fool everybody, but it has the added feature of microprinting every letter of “US Border Patrol Please Mention” on the backside as well as a security hologram.

As for the best fake ids on the market today, I can only give you my personal opinion on that. I have listed down 10 fake ids from the idgod website, which are probably of top quality. I would suggest you compare them just like a leaderboard competition.

NOTE: The fake id was created using real information such as the state of Florida and all (yes, ALL) of its corresponding features, including driver’s license number, DOB, and height details. The passport photo is real as well.

An individual who is inexperienced in the use of fake ids may be tempted to order from a website other than idgod. This is a mistake, as some of those websites are dishonest and will not provide any support or protection when contacted by law enforcement.

The best site for obtaining good quality fake IDs is iddog.com, as they seem to be knowledgeable about the technology behind these novelty items, and do not produce any products that are substandard or fake looking. The website offers many different templates for any type of fake ID that you may want to order. They have templates for college student IDs, driver’s licenses, and even passport cards.


It can take up to two weeks to complete your order after you have submitted all of the necessary personal information and requested a template. The reason the website asks that you supply this information during your initial visit is so they can ensure they are producing the highest quality fake id possible, as it reflects poorly on their reputation if an ID is confiscated.


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