What Are The Major Roles Of Massachusetts Work Accident Attorneys

You may be entitled to workers’ benefit plans if you were injured on the job in Massachusetts. Massachusetts Work Accident Attorneys are required to provide workers’ compensation coverage to their employees. This is a sort of insurance that compensates a person for accidents and illnesses sustained at work. The employee effectively relinquishes his or her right to sue the employer in a traditional lawsuit in return for workers’ compensation.

Any form of accident that occurs in the workplace or during employment is considered a work-related injury. They can also include ailments that occur as a result of being exposed to dangerous substances or conditions. Workers’ compensation benefits may be available if a pre-existing condition is worsened by a work-related injury or sickness.

This scheme insures you against losses resulting from a work-related injury. Compensation for reasonable medical expenses, a percentage of your lost salary, some dependent benefits, and optional retraining are all included in the benefits package. The amount and duration of your treatment will be determined by the severity of your injury. The state, on the other hand, establishes a maximum cash amount that a person can get each year.

A worker’s impairment can be classified into one of three groups:

  • Partial incapacity

A partially crippled worker is someone who is still capable of working, but at a lower wage than before. He or she is entitled to 60% of the difference between his or her average weekly wage before the injury and the amount he or she is capable of earning afterward. These benefits are renewable for up to five years.

Medical care and wages related to the injury are included in partial disability benefits. You may be entitled to compensation for reasonable medical costs incurred as a result of the harm, such as surgeries, rehabilitative care, and prescription prescriptions. A partially injured worker can get 60% of the difference between his or her pre-injury weekly pay and the amount he or she can earn afterward.

The maximum compensation, on the other hand, cannot exceed 75% of the individual’s benefits if he or she had been temporarily disabled.

  • Total and permanent incapacity

A person who is permanently and fully disabled is unable to work in any capacity and is entitled to two-thirds of his or her weekly compensation previous to the injury for the duration of the impairment.

  • Total disability for a limited time

If a worker is unable to work for at least five days after an accident, he or she is considered temporarily fully disabled. For up to three years, this type of employee can get up to 60% of his or her weekly pay previous to the injury.

Closing Thoughts

Employees covered by Massachusettswork accident attorneys are not allowed to sue their employer for additional compensation under Massachusetts law’s exclusive remedy provision. If there are additional parties that are responsible in addition to the employer, they may be held liable in a civil case.

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