Ways to Help Dementia Patients Remember: Dr Bruce Grossinger

Dementia is a disease that affects the brain. It makes people forgetful and unable to perform simple tasks. Dementia can be caused by Alzheimer’s, strokes, or other illnesses. The symptoms of dementia include memory loss and confusion about time and place. There are many ways to help patients with dementia remember things better.

Share Stories And Memories

Sharing stories and memories with dementia patients is an excellent way to help them remember. Not only do you get to spend time together, but it will also allow them to reminisce. You can ask questions like: “Tell me about your childhood?” or “What was your favorite memory?” The more details they give you, the better chance they have at remembering those moments later on because of how much effort went into creating those memories in the first place.

If possible, try listening as well as talking when sharing stories with someone suffering from dementia; this will allow them time for reflection and may even help jog their memory about what has happened since then (or even earlier).

Create A Routine

You can create a routine for your dementia patient that will help them remember and stay organized. Dr Bruce Grossinger says that routines can help reduce stress and anxiety, as well as increase your organization, independence, and more.

Routines can be changed as needed to meet the needs of the person with dementia. If they want to take their shoes off before they go into another room or take off their hat when they come inside from outside, let them do this! It might seem silly to you but it is important for them to feel like themselves again by doing these things just like before – even if it means you have different rules than other people living in your house do!

Keep Notes Written Down In One Place

One of the biggest challenges in caring for dementia patients is helping them remember things. It can be frustrating to give a person instructions, only to have them forget what they were told. One way you can help your loved one stay organized and keep track of important information is by keeping notes written down in one place, according to Dr Bruce Grossinger.

You can use a notebook or tablet, but make sure you write down the date and time of each instruction so that it’s easy for your loved one to find it later on when they need it again. 

Be Clear And Concise With Instructions

When you are trying to help a person with dementia remember something, you must be clear and concise. It can be difficult to do this because they may have difficulty understanding what you’re saying. If this is the case, try speaking more slowly or using simpler words so that they can understand what you mean.

  • If the patient still has trouble understanding what you’re saying after these adjustments have been made, other things can be done:
  • Use visual aids such as diagrams or pictures when explaining something; these will help them better understand your instructions.
  • Break down large tasks into smaller steps so that each step is easier for them to grasp at once (i.e., instead of telling them “I need some milk from the store,” tell them “We need milk for dinner tonight.”).

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