Use Laser Cut Keys to Replace High Security Keys

Should you get a Key Duplication Service? If you own keys and duplications for your residential properties, can you really get those keys duplicated? If you have an original key that states Do Not Duplicate, you might be wondering whether or not it is even possible to get that key replicated. Basically, there are two kinds of DND keys: exclusive keys and restrictive keys.

Exclusive keys are ones that can only be used by the owner. A good way to differentiate these from restrictions is that with exclusive keys, you don’t have to go through a locksmith to get the key replaced. However, with restrictions, you do have to contact a locksmith to get the key replaced. With a key duplication service, you can have the restricted key(s) replaced for free.

The advantages of getting a make car keys service depend on how many keys you want duplicated, and also what type of locks you have. Basically, there are two locations where locksmiths can do this service. They can come to your homes in two locations: at your place of business, or at two locations that you designate.

A locksmith at your place of business will likely charge more money. Why is this? Because you won’t have any of the added benefits of using a duplicator. For example, you won’t have to pay for an entirely new set of keys, as you would with a key duplication service. Also, if your property has more than one entry point with deadbolts, you will likely have to pay more money to have someone come out and duplicating all of the keys to each of these areas. A locksmith coming to your place of business will probably charge less money for duplicating the keys to just the main entrance.

When you go with locksmiths that offer key duplication services at two locations, however, you get more benefits. At two locations, you will get the same convenience, as the locksmiths know all of your options and are familiar with the various ways to get into your homes and offices.

At both locations, you will also have a paper copy of the duplicate key maker’s invoice at each location. This ensures that you can make a comparison between the prices at your two locations, so that you can choose the locksmith that charges the least amount.

You should never have to spend extra money for high security keys again. Use a laser cut keys service to replace the deadbolt, and use a locksmith at your place of business to replace the combination for the deadbolts on all of your windows and doors.

If you need to replace high security keys, make sure that you get the highest security ones first and then use the locksmith to duplicate the keys at the other locations. By taking advantage of key duplication services, you will have stronger locks and high security keys that will protect your home, business, and cars for years to come.

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