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Music mastering is an important final step in the production process, ensuring that your tracks are polished and ready for release. Traditionally done in recording studios, advancements in technology now make it possible to master music from the comfort of your home or studio. This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide on the art of online music mastering and how to achieve professional-sounding tracks.

Understanding the Basics of Music Mastering

Before diving into online music mastering, it’s essential to understand the basic concepts of the mastering process. Music mastering typically involves a variety of techniques such as equalization, compression, and stereo widening. The goal is to achieve a cohesive, balanced sound across all tracks of the album or EP. By doing so, the master will be able to translate well across different playback systems, ensuring that your fans or clients hear your music the way it was intended.

Choosing the Right Online Mastering Service

Today, there are several online mastering services available that allow you to master your tracks remotely. Some popular options include Landr, eMastered, and CloudBounce. When choosing an online mastering service, it’s important to look for one that supports the file format your music is in, provides a variety of customizable options to tailor the sound to your liking, and has a fast turnaround time. Online mastering services are often more affordable than traditional mastering studios and can be a great option for musicians on a budget.

Preparing Your Tracks for Online Mastering

To get the most out of your online mastering experience, it’s important to prepare your tracks properly beforehand. Know your desired final format, ensure your levels are set correctly and that there is no clipping or distortion in your tracks. Upload your tracks in their highest quality possible, preferably in .WAV format, to ensure the best results after mastering. By putting this effort into the preparation of your tracks, the mastering process, and the final product will be more successful.

Online Mastering Versus DIY Mastering

While online mastering services are a great option for many musicians, some prefer a DIY approach to music mastering. With the wealth of information on the internet, it’s not hard to learn how to master your tracks yourself. DIY mastering allows for a more hands-on approach to the process, and grants more freedom in the creative direction of the final product. However, DIY mastering requires more time, money, and resources than online mastering services and may not always result in a professional quality product. In the end, it is best to weigh the pros and cons and determine what option is best for your specific project.

The Importance of Listening to Your Masters

After receiving your mastered tracks, take the time to listen back to them on different playback systems to ensure that the master translates well across different platforms. Keep in mind that whatever mastering decisions are made will ultimately affect the level of volume and dynamic range of the final product which impacts the listener’s experience. Don’t be afraid to ask for revisions and additional work to be done if you’re not satisfied. In the end, the mastering process should help create the best possible version of your music.


Online music mastering offers a convenient and cost-effective way for musicians to achieve professional results for their tracks. However, it’s important to remember that mastering is an art that requires both technical expertise and a creative touch. Understanding the basic concepts of music mastering, preparing your tracks for mastering, choosing the right service for your needs, and listening to your final product are all important steps in achieving a successful final master. By taking the time to understand the process and invest in the right tools, anyone can achieve professional sounding tracks from the comfort of their own home or studio.

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