Things You’ll Want To Bring To Your Newborn Photography Session

If you’ve recently welcomed a new bundle of joy into your family and want to create beautiful memories that you’ll cherish for years to come, then a newborn photography session is the perfect way to do it.

A newborn photography session by experienced photography services such as Three J’s Newborn Photographywill capture all their tiny details like their unique features, soft skin, and signature expressions. To make sure you have an enjoyable experience and get the most out of your newborn photography session, here are some things that you’ll want to bring with you.

Nursing Pillow & Blanket

Your baby will be comfortable and cozy during their newborn photography session if they have a soft nursing pillow or blanket to cuddle up in. It will also give them something familiar that smells like home, which helps soothe them during the photo shoot. Make sure that whatever you choose is large enough for the photographer to easily maneuver and position your baby in different poses.


A pacifier can help soothe your little one if they get fussy during the photo shoot. If your baby has a favorite pacifier with them during their photo shoot, this can also make for great candid photos! Don’t worry if they don’t use one; it’s totally up to you as parents whether or not you want to incorporate it into the photo shoot.

Outfits & Props

Some parents choose to dress up their little one in cute outfits, hats, bonnets, or even swaddle wraps for their newborn photos. These items can help make your photos extra special by creating a certain look or theme that you love.

If you have any special props like stuffed animals, blankets, headbands etc., feel free to bring those too! Just make sure that whatever items you bring are safe for your baby and easy for the photographer to use without disrupting their flow of work. 

Parent Outfits

When choosing what outfits mom and dad should wear for the photoshoot, remember that simple is better! Solid colors tend to photograph best and draw less attention away from your sweet little one who will be the star of these photos after all! Also keep in mind that whatever clothing items mom wears should complement each other – same goes for dad – but they don’t need to match exactly unless that’s what fits your style best! 


Your newborn photography session should be an enjoyable experience where both parents and baby are comfortable throughout the entire process!

By bringing nursing pillows & blankets, pacifiers, outfits & props, and parent outfits along with you on this special day –you’re sure to have beautiful images that capture all those precious memories with your little one as soon as possible! Enjoy this magical time with your family!

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