Things to Know about Pompage Bac à Graisse Paris

It is also known as a grease recovery device where it is designed to stop the greases and even solids before they reach the disposal system.


They are used since the Victorian days, it stops the fats, oils, greases which are trying to enter into the sewers. In the late 1880s, Nathaniel Whiting got the first patent.


They are made of a variety of materials which include

  • stainless steel.
  • Plastics.
  • Concrete.
  • cast iron etc.

They generally range up to 45,000 liters and above.

They can be located wherever you need which is inside or outside the kitchen.

How does it work?

 They are made to stop the clog to enter the disposal system, it contains a large tank where the water flows. You will find the grease and fat oil and grease on the top, where water is found to be in medium, then you find a second tank where these are separated and water is discharged into the sewer.

If Grease traps blocks?

You will face dirty odors if this happens, one can see this the grease trap blockage mostly in hospitals, hotels, etc. they become an issue in the process of sanitation.

Even the health issues raises with the waste that was stored and should be cleaned as much early as possible whenever noticed.

How to Clean

  • They should be cleaned every one to three months depending on the amount of grease trapped, mostly it should be done regularly.
  • To avoid the dirty odor one can use the bacteria treatment and if this happens in small areas or houses you can even clean without any plumber.
  • For the large type of systems, there will requirement of some equipment’s so it is suggested to clean them with the help of plumbers.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance should be done to avoid the grease being trapped.

Maintenance of Grease traps


If maintenance of the grease trap is not regular there will be the grease trap in pumps which causes the dirty odor and water leakages which affect the food in the kitchen sometimes and it may even be a problem in your health-wise.

Clean Regularly

For every 30 or 60 days, you must regularly check the grease trap. Storage of grease in pipes for more time will cause damage to the pipe and cant to be used further. So be regular in checking whether the grease is trapped or not and start cleaning them immediately when you find them.


Releasing the unwanted oils greases into the sewage may cause damage to the environment. One should check before releasing it into the environment which must be done.

This all will be done when

  • Grease trap maintenance should be properly identified and recognized.
  • Must learn how to maintain grease traps and avoid the grease trap and make the pumping easy and regular.
  • It is good to inform anyone you find is troubling with this grease trap in their pumping you can simply say the above-listed preventions to avoid the grease trap.

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