Things To Know About Infiltration

The infiltration in a radiology office allows your doctor to perform more precise acts assisted by medical imaging devices. Our radiology center performs most of the existing infiltrations. Discover a selection of the infiltrations carried out by our center and learn more about the devices used.

Infiltration is a treatment to overcome pain in the joints or tendons. It can be prescribed in different cases, and several areas of the body may be involved, including the knee, wrist, fingers, ankle, or hips.

Definition Of Infiltration

An infiltration involves injecting a “calming “drug into a painful area. It is usually an anti-inflammatory. Depending on the area to be treated, the infiltration can be ultrasound or radio-guided. In this case, the injection is done under radiographic or ultrasound control to precisely locate the needle’s path. This precaution helps to minimize the risks and limit any side effects. Infiltration can be prescribed for several reasons. It is most often programmed to calm pain related to joint inflammation or tendonitis.

Prepare For An Infiltration.

When making an appointment for infiltration, the patient receives a prescription indicating the medication to be injected. The prescription varies depending on the region to be treated.

It is essential to provide complete health information: pregnancy, breastfeeding, allergies, current treatment, recurring health problems, chronic diseases. This is very important because there are contraindications to infiltration. It is also necessary to communicate the images carried out on the area to be treated.

On D-Day, it is not helpful to have an empty stomach. On the contrary, it is advisable to eat before the session.

Progress Of An Infiltration

Before the injection, the patient prepares himself. Depending on the area of ​​infiltration, he must “undress” accordingly. The affected region must be cleared. If the wrist is treated, the watch should be removed. For finger injection, rings should not be worn. The feet must be bare for ankle infiltration.

The practitioner then proceeds to careful disinfection of the skin. In the case of radio-guided infiltration, local anesthesia may be performed. The excellent needle is then directed to the painful area. The anti-inflammatory drug is then injected. During this procedure, the specialist can capture x-ray images. The “bite” itself takes just three minutes. In total, you should allow half an hour for the consultation.

The effect of the procedure is not immediate. You have to wait at least two days to see the effectiveness of the injection. It is important to note that the relief is sometimes more minor.

After infiltration, the watchword is rest. This is valid during the weeks following the gesture. Even if the pain is relieved, it does not mean that the joints or tendons are healed. They must continue to be spared to limit the risk of recurrence and avoid worsening the situation. Finally, the effects of infiltration like the PRP injection (ฉีด เกล็ด เลือด prp which is the term in Thai) are not final. Other gestures are necessary. Note, however, that it is not possible to do more than three per year.

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