Football is one of the oldest and popular sports in the world. Some people play the game while others like to watch the matches. Either way, the popularity of football never seems to decrease. With time, people started betting on football matches that created a profession called Agen Bola.

Those who like football have started becoming an Agen Bola. If you like to play the game, you might also be interested in this career. Being an Agen Bola requires many skills. It is more than advising and determining the incomes of the client.

Are you also looking for an opportunity to be an Agen Bola? Do you know the roles of an Agen Bola? You will get the answers in this article. If you are reading this, chances are that you want to look forward to being an Agen Bola. With the following mentioned roles, you will get to know more about the responsibilities that an Agen Bola has to come across.

Management of Career

It is the important role of any agent. The agent should be able to guide its client efficiently. The agents are responsible for managing the career of their clients. From determining the strengths and weaknesses to give proper advice, the Agen Bola needs to be aware of such things.

It is a long process that helps people to explore themselves and make more development in their career. The agent needs to manage the career of his client even after retirement from that football life.

Negotiation for the Transfer

The process of transfer takes place many times in a person’s career. The agent has to manage such transfers by talking to the managing committees. The negotiation includes various questions like, where the player will go? For how much money? For how much time?

The agent has to talk about these questions and help the player in the transfer process.

Negotiation of Contract

It is the responsibility of an agent to legally advise the player and close the contract with a third party. While negotiating, the agent has to remember the needs of the player and the third party. And make sure that it is getting fulfilled.

Finance Management

The process of financial planning requires a lot of attention. The football player cannot handle the decisions individually. So, it is essential to get help from legal advisers such as Agen Bola.

In this role, the agent has to manage various finance-related decisions such as taxes, contracts, personal finances, after retirement finances, pensions and savings. If you want to become an Agen Bola, you must have this skill.

Public Promotion

Public promotion or public relations is a highly recommended skill that an agent should have. It includes promoting the player and maintains good relations with other organisations and the public. The protection of the player’s image is the ultimate goal of this role.

Moreover, this role also includes the responsibilities like managing client’s public opinion, handling various social media accounts and campaigns, interviews and charity related appearances.

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