Reids Firewood Review | Factors To Find The Best

It is winter and you are thinking about buying firewood. You want to get the best quality logs for your family, but how do you choose? We did extensive research on firewood and found the following factors will help you get great wood.

The Species Of Wood

The species of wood is the first thing to consider when choosing firewood. There are many types of wood that are grown in different parts of the world. Check the local environment and find out which wood grows best there like reids firewood.

The type of wood you get will determine how long it will last and how much heat it can give off. When using firewood to heat your home, you need to consider what kind of wood will work best both as a fuel source and as a way to give off heat. Some woods are slower burning while others are fast burning.

The Diameter Of The Wood

The diameter of the wood is perhaps the most important factor to consider when purchasing firewood. The larger the diameters of your logs, the longer and hotter they will burn. Rotating the logs from top to bottom or back to front can also impact how long they last.

The diameter of the wood decides its burning time and thus the heat it can give out. The heat it gives out is a major factor while using a wood burner, so bigger pieces are better when it comes to heat production. Start with a larger diameter piece before moving down to smaller pieces as they will burn slower and last longer.

The Moisture Content Of The Wood

The moisture content of the wood determines how hot and long it will burn, as well as its creosote factor. The more moisture that is contained in the wood, the faster it will burn which gives off a lot of smoke. The higher the moisture content is, the more need there is for drying before usage.

To make sure that your wood is dry enough for use, you should check its moisture content. The moisture content of wood should be between 20% and 25%.

The Length Of The Wood

The length of the firewood is one of the most critical factors in determining if it will be effective in keeping you warm, or not. The rule of thumb is that wood should be no shorter than two inches long, and no longer than two feet long. If the wood is short, it won’t burn well.

The length of the wood helps determine how much heat a fireplace will produce. A 3-foot log can provide heat for hours, whereas a 6-inch log may only offer a few minutes of warmth.


There are numerous benefits to burning wood in a wood fire stove, though you must have the proper tools to burn wood and do so safely. Therefore, we encourage you to do your research before firing up your firewood—electric or otherwise. The best choice for you will depend on many different factors, but once you find what’s right for you, your life just might be better for it.

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