Private note – Is it really secure?

People are increasingly concerned about privacy and security in today’s digital age. Considering how much of our lives we conduct online – banking, shopping, etc. – we want to know that our data is safe. 

What is privnote?

With Privnote, users can share texts, links, images, and files encrypted with self-destructing messages. Privnote’s servers delete the message after the recipient clicks on a link to view it. The message is not stored anywhere permanently. Privnote is ideal for sending sensitive information that you don’t want to remain accessible – anything from credit card numbers to private conversations. The encrypted link is shared via email, messaging apps, social media, or however else you communicate online.

How does the encryption work?

When you create a new note on Privnote, it generates an AES-256 encrypted link. Global intelligence agencies and militaries rely on it for security. Encryption with AES is highly secure and is widely used. The 256-bit key makes brute force attacks extremely difficult. Along with a random salt, your message is encrypted client-side in your browser before being sent to Privnote’s servers. It means their servers never have access to the unencrypted data. The decryption key is contained within the URL of the note itself. Only the intended recipient can decrypt and view the message after clicking the unique link. Once read, the note is immediately deleted from Privnote’s servers, leaving no trace.

Self-destructing messages

The self-destructing aspect of Privnote messages adds an extra layer of security and privacy. Many times, compromising private data comes down to unauthorized access over time. Servers may have poor security, hackers may exploit vulnerabilities, and unencrypted data tends to linger. By automatically deleting messages after being read once, Privnote limits the risk of exposing information through a future hack, insider access, or subpoenas for stored communications. There’s no repository of old messages for someone to steal. Of course, recipients take screenshots or copy-paste the contents before deletion. Self-destructing doesn’t prevent user error. If you want more info, check out here

Is privnote really secure?

For most threat models, Privnote provides excellent security and peace of mind. The encryption protocols, hashing algorithms, and deletion system are state-of-the-art and highly vetted. There have been no major breaches exposed in third-party audits. Privnote acknowledges that no system is 100% foolproof. While it would be extremely difficult, their service could potentially be compromised in a targeted attack by a well-resourced party like a government agency. Privnote itself does store some data on server access times and IPs. Users should know that Privnote does not hide metadata or provide perfect anonymity. Recipients can figure out the sender’s IP address and location. Also, Privnote notes are visible from internet providers or surveillance programs that monitor traffic flows. The contents are protected, but some metadata leaks through.

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