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mop philippines

Are steam mops in the Philippines any good?

Compared to your traditional mop, steam mops in the Philippines generally do a better job in cleaning. Before you head to your nearest home-improvement store to pick up a steam mop, here are some features you should look out for.

What is method of procedure (mop)?

“Method of Procedure (MOP) is defined as the steps taken to complete a specific task. It is often used in computer programming and many other disciplines, including business.” The method of procedure is basically a set of methods you opt for completion of any project.

What are mops and why do you need them?

Keeping you home clean is essential to ensure that you have a clean and comfortable environment to live in. Mops are a staple cleaning equipment that can be found in most Filipino homes. Learn more about the various types of mops available in the market here.

Who are the mop brothers?

While the eventual establishment of said mission was being arranged, including the donation/usufruct of the lot for the mission building and monastery, two (2) MOP Brothers were assigned, Br. Marc Maurice, MOP and Br.Rogelio Funtanares, Jr., with the supervision and assistance of Rev. Fr. Ambrose, MOP.

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