Leather Gun Holsters: How to Care for Them

Leather gun holsters provide a number of benefits over other types of holsters. Leather holsters like custom leather holsters are much more convenient than non-leather holsters, and they produce much less noise when used for concealed carry.

Not overusing the conditioner is a must

While it may be tempting to use excessive leather conditioner to maintain and preserve your holster, excessive usage may cause the holster to become so soft that it no longer serves the firearm.

Leather holsters must usually be broken in and shaped to suit a certain weapon, and since conditioner often softens leather, your holster may ultimately lose its form. Additionally, while treating your holster, be sure to use only materials intended for cleaning leather holsters.

Washing the holster often

After each usage, you should wipe off your leather holster, but if it gets covered with dirt, dust, or other materials, you should carefully clean it to preserve the leather. To get the best results, wash the holster in warm water and glycerin soap, scrubbing with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

After cleaning the holster, wipe it dry with a paper towel until just slightly wet, but avoid artificial heat sources.

Drying the holster properly

Moisture is a major source of leather deterioration, and leather gun holsters are the same everywhere. If your holster gets wet from perspiration or is caught in the rain, make careful to wash it off and let it to dry in a cool place.

It is essential to avoid using blow dryers or other high-heat means to dry your holster, as this may cause the leather to lose its form and cause irreparable damage to your holster.

Spray silicon on your leather holster

While it is not required, spray silicone treatment of your leather holster offers many benefits. The substance is applied by spraying the silicone mixture into the inside of the holster, which serves as a sealant and protects the leather from moisture.

You may use spray silicone treatment of the holster increases draw speed by decreasing friction between the gun and the leather.

Where to store?

Due to the ease with which leather may be damaged by moisture, your leather holster should be kept in a cool, dry location when not in use. To provide further protection, wrap the holster in a cotton cloth and put it in a box or case; but, regardless of how you store it, remember to remove it regularly and wipe it clean of collected dust.

Make sure it is guarded against outside chemicals

Sweat and any other type of moisture, can wreak havoc on a leather holster, so always maintain a barrier between your holster and your naked skin to limit the amount of sweat your holster is exposed to. This may be done by tucking a shirt into your trousers’ waistband or by tucking a rag into the waistband of your pants.

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