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juan sabong republic

What is the Senate inquiry on E-Sabong all about?

According to Tolentino, the Senate inquiry is intended to focus on three issues in aid of legislation: ■ First, is there a law granting enough legal basis for e-sabong? ■ Second, is there a regulatory agency that under current law has le­gal authority to supervise e-sabong?

Is it time to bring back ‘physical Sabong?

Tolentino believes it’s time to allow the return of all “physical sabong”—or the traditional week­end cockfights that are a hallmark in many major cities and towns, as the face-to-face cockfight and bet­ting undercuts the need for online, or e-sabong, betting.

What is the meaning of E-Sabong?

E-sabong involves remote betting on cockfights. MANILA, Philippines — A Senate panel on Thursday is moving to urge the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (Pagcor) to suspend e-sabong operations across the country following the disappearance of 31 people allegedly involved in the online cockfighting games, now a P50-billion industry.

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