Ingesting an Ingestible gastric balloon

The medical device industry’s involvement in bariatrics has been minimal until recently. However, since the invention of gastric balloons, the industry has become increasingly involved in the treatment of obesity. One such product is the Allurion Technologies’ Elipse(tm). The device is used to reduce a person’s caloric intake by taking up excess stomach space. While the treatment does not completely solve the problem of obesity, it does provide the illusion of satiation and helps people lose weight.

The gastric balloon is an alternative to gastric band surgery, which is a invasive procedure that requires long periods of preparation and costs up to PS8,000 per patient. Ingesting an ingestible gastric balloon is a simple outpatient procedure and does not require surgery, endoscopy, or general anesthesia. It also enables patients to lose up to 15 percent of their body weight.

There are less adverse effects associated with the ingestible gastric balloon, and its implantation does not need the use of an endoscopic operation. Instead, it is taken in the form of a capsule, much like a prescription medication would be. As soon as it reaches the stomach, it expands and begins to take in fluid. This operation is quite similar to the traditional ballongastrique, with the exception that the balloon is placed through a tiny catheter that is attached to a capsule rather than directly into the stomach. After the procedure of filling has been completed, the capsule will be removed. It takes fewer than five minutes to finish the whole process.

The Elipse firm has come out with a brand-new, ground-breaking invention called the Elipse ™ Ingestible gastric balloon. It is a cutting-edge gastric balloon that the patient swallows in order to reduce the amount of food that they are able to consume at one sitting. In addition to this, it bolsters the sensation of fullness, making it less likely that the patient would feel the urge to snack in between meals. More than four thousand individuals have had positive outcomes after undergoing this type of surgery, which has many benefits over the usage of traditional balloons.

The gastric balloon is meant to be ingestible, and it also has a mechanism that allows it to deflate on its own. A filling syringe is connected to the device through a connecting tube, which in turn is joined to a connecting tube. After it has been inflated, the instrument is advanced upwards until it comes into touch with the walls of the upper stomach. After that, the patient will have the device removed from their body.

There is also something known as a self-deflating gastric balloon, which belongs to the category of ingestible gastric balloons. This kind is placed within the patient’s stomach. It deflates on its own as a result of the normal contractions of the stomach, which causes the balloon to go from the stomach into the intestine after passing through the pyloric sphincter. In most cases, the connecting tube 20 is not long enough to be able to pass through the pyloric sphincter.

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