How to utilize your spare time on Instagram?

From the starting, people always liked and accepted the platform and used it in their favor. It is a great way to spend your leisure time because there will be so much entertainment. Once you start scrolling your Instagram feed, I can assure you that you will not be able to control yourself from it. 

Tons of celebrities, brands, and other influential people have Instagram accounts and posting various interesting facts on it every day. People that’s why love spending their time on Instagram and with time the number of Instagram users are only increasing.

Not only average people, but also the popular brands, businesses, celebrities, influencers, and so many more powerful personalities have been using Instagram to favor their cause. If you have any certain agenda like growing your small online business, even you can become successful in it by using Instagram properly. 

To have that success, you will need so many followers and achieving them is not an easy task. You will have to put your hundred percent effort and time in it to gain real followers and not the fake ones or seguidores no Instagram.

Usually, business owners stay busy because running a business is a hectic job both online and offline. But if you can manage a certain amount of seguidoresInstagram in a small period, you can shift your focus to something else like how to entertain these existing followers of yours so that more followers come to your profile and one day you achieve that blue verification badge.

Let’s talk about the ways how a business owner can utilize his spare time in this stressful pandemic by using Instagram.

Repost your previous contents

If you have an existing Instagram business account, you must have posted in it already. When you are spending time inside of your house and can’t go outside because most countries are in lockdown now, you can repost some of the popular posts which have gained huge responses before from the followers.

This way new followers will know that your business is a legit one.

Adding music to the stories

When you are posting stories, you can add music of any popular song so that people can feel entertained while seeing that story of yours and they might repost that story of yours on their profile as well. This will bring you a big exposure as well.

Sharing your feed to your stories

Just like we have mentioned above, you can also share some contents from your feed with powerful captions or hashtags on your stories. 

Behind the scene photos and videos

Before, you might not have enough time to share the behind the scene photos and videos of your business. In this pandemic, now that you have that time, you can try to capture some of the moment of your business or products to show your audiences how everything goes on behind the whole process.

It will show them that your business is legit and trustworthy. Trust me, this way, you will ganharseguidores no Instagram. 

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