How to Stop DDoS Attack? – Some Major Steps

The people who connect with IP Stresser need to know about the DDoS attacks to deal with them properly. When people connect with IP stresser, they must be aware of the IP addresses that play a major role while connecting with various online devices. 

Getting a new IP address is an effective way to stop the ongoing attacks as it helps people start the device with a proper ID that never let them suffer any problem. Most of the times, attackers try to hack your devices and makes you suffer for your data, but if you use proper IP addresses, then you can get rid of these attacks. 

When you opt for opening an online website, you should first verify your IP address so that you can successfully reset it before and after getting involved in an online task. The people who face DDoS attacks while connecting with various networks or servers must be aware of the major step that can allow them to deal with the problems. The people who are interested in knowing the major steps can consider the following points. 

Reset Your IP Address –

  • The first and major steps you can consider for getting rid of DDoS attacks are reset your IP address every few days. If you are a streamer and loves to play games online, you must stay active as many attackers w to harm you. You can reset your IP address by unplugging or by using your router console. Unplugged is the easiest way to reset your IP address as it depends on your ISP’s procedures, and you only need to leave your device unplugged for 10 minutes to 12 hours.

  • If you do so, you will be assigned a new IP address within a specific time period. Another best way for resetting the new IP address is by using your router console. For this, you have to connect with the ISP router directly and navigate the router’s admin console. Usually by typing your web browser address bar can help you to change the address. 

Request a New IP Address –

  • Another best step you can consider to get rid of a DDoS attack to renew your IP address is to request a new IP address. If you are not allowed to get the new IP address, you have to directly contact your ISP, which will help you get the new IP address. 

  • If you are not a regular target for DDoS attacks, then you can ask for a dynamic IP address that will help you to change your IP address on a regular schedule. Most of the ISP’s don’t allow customer-level users to get the dynamic IP, but if you are a regular streamer, it can be possible. 

The people who normally face DDoS attacks under IP stresser can consider the above information to get rid of these attacks. Once you paid attention to the major steps mentioned, it will be very helpful for you to grab a new IP address daily. 

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