How to Get Your Universal Gift cards activated?

The universal gift card is one of the most popular methods of payment among credit card users. This card is issued free without the need of annual fees, in most of the cases. It has a zero liability policy and offers two kinds of features: the ability to pay with this card and the ability to make purchases with the use of this card. Universal Gift cards is usually issued by banks or financial institutions. There are certain ways to make use of them and in this article we will highlight them.

Universal Gift cards at can be used for a number of purchases, while their balance is not yet depleted and before their expiry period. However, like other cards, its expiration date is clearly on the face of the card or account, usually in virtual cards or an email containing information on usage fees and such. To make purchases using this card, you have to first activate your account before proceeding to use your card. Activation of an account usually requires the submission of an application form accompanied by an old bill from your financial institution or credit card company.

In some cases, banks may issue universal gift cards to clients without their consent. This kind of activity is called “pre-authorization”. Banks issuing the cards can sell them even if they do not have money for them. The buyer can make use of them for the next several months but this is done after exhausting the current limit of credit.

There are also ways to activate your account without exhausting your limit. The first method is to request a phone call from customer service. When you talk to someone, be sure to specify the phone number where activation of the account needs to be made. This can only be done during office hours, because once the bank staff gets busy, other calls can no longer be accommodated.

The second method is by writing a check for $200. Be sure to specify that you want to activate your account and add more money to it. A customer service representative will come over to your place to verify the amount of money you mentioned in your check and will sign a check with your name. You will be charged a fee for this service. Another way is by faxing a copy of your bank statement to the Universal Gift card Company. They will not accept checks that have blank entries.

Another trick to get universal gift cards activate is to add an additional check that is less than your current check to the end of your existing check. When adding an extra check, make sure you write the amount you need to add. When this is done, put a mark by the amount written on top of the check to the customer service representative will know that you need to activate the account. Make sure you put the activation code in your favor so the company can redeem your card. There are many other ways to activate the account such as resetting your PIN number or adding money to it. Whatever method you use to do it, you should always remember to write down the activation instructions so you can make it work the next time you use your card.

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