Game Options On หน้าสมัคร

Candy games are very popular nowadays because they are easy to play. Have fun but get a chance to win big prizes that are worth it. So don’t wait, hurry up to apply for membership and join the หน้าสมัคร game of Candy at the same time. You can choose to play candy games in 3 formats as follows.

  • Sweet Bonanza– is a candy game in the form of online หน้าสมัคร. The newcomer is the hottest and is popular with many gamblers with a style of play that is similar to playing slots in all respects. But the difference is that the beautiful and modern images and symbols that come with a free bonus become an interesting new game that we would like to recommend.
  • Candy pop- a new and hot new game with a play style is to arrange more than 3 of the same color candies together to receive bonuses and points to redeem for a lot of profits. The attractiveness of the game Candy pop is different from other candy games. Is cute, bright, pleasing to the eye that comes with points and money that can generate substantial income for players.
  • Sugarpop- A หน้าสมัคร game that is a game but not as a game. But it’s like a cupcake that can be decorated with dazzling colorful candy. Enjoy more players than any game you’ve ever known. Allows you to play the game for a long time. You can play continuously without getting bored. Of course, the key secret to effective slot games is to stay in the game for as long as possible and Sugarpop games are the ones that meet that demand.

What do you get in the game?

  • Photo 6×6 หน้าสมัคร symbols with special symbols that help to win prizes.
  • Candy slots choose bet amounts from the range given on the game screen.
  • The bet amount is set using the Bet Amount option.
  • The bet level is set using the + – Bet option.
  • The bet amount will be set using the Bet option.
  • Cash Walthall is cash that can be wagered.
  • auto spin It is a button that allows you to play the game automatically. which can choose the number of spins
  • With every spin, if there are more than 4 special symbols, horizontal or vertical, wins money.
  • Candy’s special symbol The bet will be multiplied continuously.

Symbols and Buttons in Candy Game

  • Candy Game Symbol These symbols appear in the form of a variety of desserts, such as cherry candies, lemons, strawberries, oranges, mints, and other treats. And it depends on the color of the candy x the number of sorts as well. If a large number of same-colored candies are arranged, you will receive a higher payout rate and prize money.
  • Bet button is a button on the screen that allows you to enter the amount of bet on each spin.
  • The Spin button is a button that is pressed after you have placed your bet. When you press spin, colorful candies will fall in line. if the same color is arranged from 3 or more pieces both horizontally and vertically You will be rewarded And the more candies of the same color arranged in a row, you will receive a higher payout rate and prize money.

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