Free Palestine: The Intersection of Religion and Politics

The issue of Palestine has been a controversial one for decades, with different parties holding various opinions concerning the conflict. However, the Free Palestine Campaign has stood out, with a more vocal and aggressive stance, which has gained support from different people. The campaign has raised important issues that require attention. In this article, we seek to explore the goals and motivations of the Free Palestine Campaign and analyze the impact of the movement.

The Free Palestine Campaign, also known as the BDS Movement, advocates for the rights of Palestinians and calls for an end to Israeli occupation. BDS stands for boycott, divestment, and sanctions, which is the main weapon of resistance used to pressure Israel to meet the demands of the Palestinians. The campaign was initiated in 2005 by Palestinian civil society organizations, and it has since gained momentum, with supporters all over the world. Their aim is to raise awareness of Israeli human rights violations against Palestinians and induce changes in Israel’s policies.

The Free Palestine Campaign’s primary goal is to bring to the forefront the plight of Palestinians and the impact of Israeli occupation in the Palestinian territories. The campaign seeks to create a world where Palestinians are free and can enjoy the same rights as Israelis. They hope to achieve this through boycotting companies that support Israel’s occupation of Palestine, divesting from Israel’s economy, and imposing sanctions on Israel until they comply with international law.

The take-off of the Free Palestine Campaign was motivated by the perceived lack of progress on Palestinian representation in international forums. The movement was also sparked off by the apartheid-like conditions in Palestine characterized by restrictions to movement, property.

ownership, freedom of expression, and other basic freedoms. Palestinians are denied basic human rights, with some experiencing violence, humiliation, and hate speech at the hands of Israeli security forces and Jewish settlers.

One of the main motivations of the Free Palestine Campaign is to make people understand and take action regarding the Israeli occupation of Palestine. The movement wants people to become more aware of the human rights abuses taking place in Palestine and how they can contribute to the campaign. The movement calls for solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians, which encompasses boycotting Israeli goods, divesting from Israeli companies, and joining protests, among other actions.

The Free Palestine Campaign’s ultimate goal is to create a free, democratic, and sovereign Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. The campaign acknowledges that this is not an easy task, but it is something that they are committed to achieving. Through their efforts, they have succeeded in creating awareness of the Palestinian conflict, collaborating with various civil society organizations, and securing the release of Palestinian prisoners, among other achievements.


The Free Palestine Campaign’s goal is to create awareness and put an end to Israeli occupation. Their efforts should be commended, as they have brought the issue into the spotlight. The campaign’s call for boycotts, divestment, and sanctions has been effective in attracting supporters worldwide. Although there are detractors who see the movement as aggressive, the campaign is justified because of the human rights violations taking place in Palestine. It is refreshing to see a movement that is passionate about creating change. Hopefully, the Free Palestine Campaign remains relentless in their quest for justice, and we all follow suit by supporting the BDS movement. Only then can Palestinians, like every other human being, live freely and enjoy their basic rights.

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