Exclusions of car comprehensive cover you should know

Comprehensive insurance covers for vehicles may tend to be costly however offer the most ideal coverage services that car owner’s need today. Unlike the Third-party Policy covers, comprehensive plans ensure that both the third party and you are covered in case of an accident. It still remains the best car policy one could get for their cars however there are a number of omissions which will be discussed later in the text. Before choosing any part time motor trade insurance for your car, ensure you know all the details being covered and best do comparisons of diverse policies from various companies in order to choose the most ideal one. Here are a few omissions you should expect on the comprehensive car cover plan.

Normal wear and tear

If every car owner expected reimbursement for their cars due to wear and tear then insurance companies would be at loss. People insure their cars against large and costly repairs which may be caused due to an accident. The normal degradation of the car as it is driven will be handled by personal costs or one can consider looking for an extra cover which may handle the same. Supposing your painting, tires and tubes get worn out; it is upon you to take the initiative to do the necessary repairs.


Ageing of the vehicle is normal and like every other machine, your car will be in need of constant maintenance and repair from time to time. You ought to find an ideal way to handle these aging repair costs minus involving your insurer because the comprehensive plan barely covers such expenses. Parts of the car may get loose as time passes by and for that you must look for qualified repair experts to help you correct the situation. Be very careful on who you hire because there are many car owners who complain of fake spare parts after repair services.

Car damages caused by unlicensed drivers

According to most insurers, they are only responsible for damages that you cause when driving your car. This is after ensuring that you have the valid licenses and permit allowing you to drive. Allowing unprofessional or unlicensed drivers to operate your car will deny you any compensation in case they end up causing damages either to the car or people harmed. Many at time, the repair costs and compensation for their parties may have to come from your pocket when damages are caused by unprofessional drivers driving your car.

Damages caused due to drugs or alcohol abused

A lot of states are clear on driving vehicles when under the influence of alcohol. You should avoid being behind the steering wheel if you feel unfit to drive. It is besides against the law to drive when drunk and that could lead to possible fining and even jail term when caught. Any damages which your car causes when you drive it when drunk will not be dealt with by your insurer instead the repair expenses will have to come from your pocket.

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