Do You Really Need a Tax Stamp for Solvent Traps?

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The topic of solvent traps always comes with many questions among both old and new users. With the industry recording impressive growth recently, solvent traps have become a popular accessory among firearm owners. One of the most common questions about solvent traps is the necessity of a tax stamp before buying and using one. Read on to learn about the legalities of solvent traps and the criteria required to be the owner of these firearm cleaners.

What is a solvent trap?

Maintenance is critical to extending the lifespan of your firearm and keeping it from malfunctioning, which is why people depend on solvent traps. Usually made from steel or aluminum, a solvent trap is a cleaning system for firearms specially designed to trap cleaning fluid to be disposed of properly or reused later. This modern firearm cleaner features a cup-like accessory to capture the solvent after the cleaning process. The cleaning kit is ideal for people who what to clean their firearm without causing a mess or stinking up the entire room.

What is a tax stamp?

It is perfectly legal to own a firearm. Most people can own firearms and accompanying accessories as long as the paperwork and tax stamp requirements are met. So, what is a tax stamp?

The NFA tax stamp was introduced in 1934, along with the National Firearms Act. It is a special tax paid by anyone who wants to own a firearm or any other destructive device. The majority of firearms and destructive devices require a tax stamp of $200.

It is worth noting that each tax stamp is specific to the NFA item for which it was purchased. It means that you need to pay the NFA tax stamp for every firearm or destructive weapon you own. When purchasing an NFA item, the act requires that you submit the item to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) along with the tax stamp for approval.

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Do you need a tax stamp for your solvent trap?

Like most firearm accessories, the solvent trap is not illegal, so it doesn’t require any form of regulation. The ATF has indicated that it is legal for companies to sell solvent traps and private citizens to use them. Nobody is mandated to pay a tax stamp for a solvent trap since the cleaning kit is not illegal or regulated.

The only exception is if the solvent trap possesses parts that the ATF believes are intended to make it function differently. Then in this instance, it has to be documented to avoid severe consequences. However, if a solvent trap is intended to serve its primary purpose – trapping cleaning solvent – you don’t need to pay a tax stamp.


As a firearm owner, you should do your best to stay on the right side of the law. Now you know better if you were deterred from purchasing a solvent trap because of high tax stamps. As long as you don’t modify the firearm cleaner, you don’t need a tax stamp to own or use one. Visit if you are interested to learn more about Solvent traps.

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