Almost everyone has played cards in their lives, you might not like it, but you have played it. Some games are purely based on luck while some have a combination of luck and skill. There a thousand of variations of card games all over the world and every place has their own small changes in the rules. Interesting cards have also been used by magicians all over the world as one of the most basic and effective tricks in the game. For a long timecard games were usually played at homes and only recently has the shift happened in favor of online communities. There are a lot of competitive card games out there some of which are played professionally as well. let’s take a look at some of them.


The aim of the game is for the player to either get to the number 21 or less by asking the dealer to hit. A lot of people think that this game is purely based on luck but in reality, there a lot of people who are gifted in math who try to cheat on the game by counting cards. A lot of casinos in the world try to think of techniques to stop these cheaters. Memory and skill have a huge part to play in it. A lot of players are trying to cheat the same game in the online forums, the algorithms which are deployed by these online websites are more advanced than a real-life dealer and therefore the cheating process can be tougher.


Everyone has heard about this one even if you haven’t played, the Instagram celebrity Dan Bilzerian amassed most of his wealth playing professional poker. This is again one of the games where it takes a combination of luck and skill. There are professional tournaments for the game where the winner makes more than a million dollar. A lot of people who are not that good at the game also keep playing it for the thrill and glamour aspect of it all. This game has been popularized because of its depiction in movies and tv shows. Movies like James Bond have made the popular all over the world and is pretty much the staple game in almost all the casinos, I don’t think there is a single casino in the world which doesn’t have poker. In the past couple of decades, the whole poker world is slowly moving to Poker IDN, although there are a lot of purists out there who don’t believe in the legitimacy of the game online.


This is one of those games which people play when they don’t know how to play any other card game out there, this is one of the best party games out there and you always have fun playing it with a group of friends, playing this game online will not be as fun as real life. The true fun of the game is in catching your friends lying.

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