Descargar Monedero Ledger wallet

Ledger live is available on all the devices such as android, ios or windows. You can Descargar Monedero Ledger wallet on your phone or your computer. The ledger live application is connected to the ledger waller. And you can also connect third parties wallets to the ledger live application. 

Let’s see how you can connect third party wallets to the ledger live app?

For connecting the third party wallets to the ledger live app, you can use ‘walletconnect’ to do the same. ‘Walletconnect’ is an open-source protocol that helps you to connect to any decentralized applications on your phone or desktop securely. It also gives the feasibility of connecting with QR codes. 

  1. When you begin downloading, make sure a) that you have updated the ledger live application to the latest version and b) your ledger live app has the latest firmware version.
  2. Now enable the wallet connect. a) to enable it on the mobile, go to the bottom menu tap settings, then select experimental features and tap wallet connect. 

You can also access DAPPS or decentralized applications from your mobile or desktop. On your desktop, you can scan a QR code to access d-apps. On your mobile, you can click on an application deep link. 

Once you are connected with the ledger live application, you will make a transaction, then you will be redirected to the ledger live application. You can modify the network fees and verify the address by using the ledger live application. 

With the ledger wallet, you can buy, sell any of the cryptocurrencies you want. You can even trade, exchange or lend the crypto assets and can watch them grow. With the help of a hard wallet, it has now become easier for cryptocurrency investors to manage their funds on the go. With the hard wallet, you can access 27 coins and more than 1500 tokens in the same app. You can lend your crypto assets to earn interest from it. The crypto wallet should be used with security as it contains the private key from which you can access all the crypto assets that you have. 

You can choose to keep it safely at a safe place at your home where no one can reach it. You should be aware of the wallet because once you misplace it, and you don’t remember the 24-word recovery seed then your crypto assets would be considered nil. You can help yourself so it’s better not to misplace it anywhere. If you are a serious crypto investor and you have invested thousands of dollars then you know the worth yourself. You should Descargar Monedero Ledger wallet as it keeps your assets safe. With the wallet by your side, no hacker in the world can hack your details or access your crypto account unless you give them your private key. You can keep your 24-word recovery seed in your locker at home or the bank so that in the worst case, you will not be losing your key.

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