Buying a star: What You Need To Know About The Process

When you think of buying a star, you might think of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But did you know that anyone can buy a star? You just need to find the right company.


It is also an investment. A lot goes into this process that most people don’t know about. Learn some facts about how buying a star works and what it entails before you decide to make your purchase.


Why Buy A Star?


One of the most common questions people have been: what happens when buying a star? You get the privilege of naming your star and registering it with the International Star Registry. This means that your star will be recognized in their catalog. What’s more, they will document the date on which you bought it, who you are, and where your star is located. 


A certificate will be sent to you so that you can hang it on your wall and show it off to guests!Buying a star may seem extravagant but there are many benefits to investing in a star. For example, if someone buys your star for their loved one as a gift, then you can customize it with a message from the giver or recipient. 


Or, if someone is looking for a special way to say thank you to an employee or close friend, then buying them a star could be the perfect gift!


Types Of Stars


Here are some types of stars you might find when you buy a star:


  • Named Stars: A star name can be your name, the name of someone you love, or the name of your business. You can put whatever you want on the certificate and it will be registered with the company.


  • Star Dedications: These stars are for people who want to officially dedicate their star to someone. You could even dedicate a star to someone who is no longer alive so they live on in the sky every night.


  • Memorial Stars: Memorial stars provide families with an opportunity to honor their loved ones in space. When someone buys a memorial star, they can register it as one that is dedicated to a specific person or set up a fund that will go toward buying more memorial stars for others in the future.


  • Zodiac Stars: Like named and memorial stars, zodiac stars allow people to recognize themselves or their loved ones as part of constellation patterns in the sky.


The Process Of Buying A Star


Buying a star is an investment in two ways. Not only do you buy the star, but also you are purchasing the right to name it. As soon as you buy a star, you will be assigned celestial coordinates and that star will be registered in your name at the International Astronomical Union (IAU).


Many companies sell stars and they offer various packages with different features. The company determines the price of its package based on how much recognition they want to offer the buyer.


Some companies offer more than just one name for your star. You are allowed to have up to three names or even give it a nickname if you like. Other packages may include things such as certificates, pictures, and astronomy software.


You can buy a star in any constellation that you would like, but most people choose Orion because there are so many stars in it.

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