Billiards – the ตารางบอล game

We all keep looking for good and productive stress relievers. The vast majority don’t wish to venture out of their homes following a monotonous day at work yet at the same time need to spruce up their brain through some activity. Thus, indoor games come into the picture. The most conspicuous indoor games are the ตารางบอล games and the first game that strikes one’s psyche in the wake of perusing ball-table game is billiards.

History of the game 

Billiards has an interesting, long, and rich history. The game dates back to the 15th century has some very prominent names as its enthusiasts; to name a few, Louis XIV of France, Napoleon, Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain. The word billiard is adopted from the French language word ‘billart’ or ‘billete’ which means stick. This is because a stick, called a cue, is used to play the game. The player is supposed to hit the cue ball using the cue which will then go on to hit other balls on the ตารางบอล.

Basic Equipment  

The game requires some special type of equipment. Firstly, the balls used in billiards can be of different dimensions in different variations of the game. These billiard balls are made up of many materials including clay, bakelite, celluloid, and ivory. Ivory, however, is not used now because of the threat it poses to the elephants and gives poachers a push or a motive to hunt and sell the ivory. Then come the billiards ตารางบอล. A billiards table is generally rectangular. Again, they can be of different dimensions depending upon the variant of the game being played. The tables of high standards and quality use thick slate as their primary manufacturing element. The cloth that covers the entire table is one of the most important factors. It is made up of a blend of woven wool and nylon which is referred to as baize. Lastly, the cues are made up of various materials like the cheap ones are made using cheap maple or pine while the better ones are manufactured using expensive and exotic woods.

Today, billiards is played across the globe with sheer enthusiasm and excitement. Numerous national and international level competitions are being organized to promote the growing craze of this indoor sport even more. The sports federations of all the nations are promoting billiards to increase participation in the game and bring up billiards to be one of the bigger names at the world level as well. The training facilities are being improved, the fitness demands are getting higher and stricter. Though it is an indoor game, billiards requires the player to be fit to get better at the game; mental health and concentration levels should also be taken care of at the same time as it is a game that involves more or mind work than physical work. Focus is the primary requirement because if one fails to focus on the cue ball and the target balls, he/ she might give away the match to the opponent in a fraction of time.

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