Asking for referrals in a network and direct company visit in search of a job

When looking out for a job, there are various ways in which to find one, from having to ask referrals from your network to visiting the company directly:

Asking  referrals from your network

If you are out looking for a job, there is a need to let your contacts to know as it will help them in finding mutual contacts for career for you. When you network, it is an ideal way to find a new job and employers are known to prefer to receive referrals from members of their staff whom they trust.

Most jobs are mostly filled internally via referrals before getting advertised and thus, it is important that you talk to the correct contacts to be able to get as many referrals as you can from your network.

You need to first start by coming up with a list of everyone whom you know, determining the people that you might know could be having positions which are available in your industry. From there, you need to reach out to the people by offering them with lunch or coffee so that you can discuss your goals and interests further.

There is a need for you to aim at relationships which are closer with those you are networking with so that they can be in a position of thinking about you whenever they come across a job opening. There are certain jobs which get filled rapidly and thus, a need to ensure that you network strategically with people who are influential whenever it is necessary.

Events for networking

Any time you can, you need to try attending to specific events for networking that are in your industry. Events like expositions, conference, and forums for continuing education might be ideal for meeting others who might help you in getting a job. You have to ensure that you prepare in an appropriate manner for such events by having business cards which are professional and copies of your resume readily available, to have it readily available when you meet job representatives.

If you are still in college, you need to contact alumni or career network and see the events which they are having for the graduates. Even in case the events for networking are not quite specific to your type of industry, chances of you meeting someone who might give you a referral to an individual in your type of field are quite high.

Contacting companies

Searches for jobs tend to be straightforward with companies having websites where you can directly target. You will be able to directly apply for positions available that you will find listed through the website.

If you get companies which get interested in and yet they don’t have the type of jobs relevant, you need to reach out to them through phone and email to find out if they are looking to employ you because of your qualification and experience. If a company isn’t recruiting at the moment for the role you are looking for, you are likely not going to hear from them but they might keep your records somewhere in case in future they might need someone with your qualification.

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