A Guide To Getting A Massage At Your Destination-출장마사지 (Business Trip Massage)

As much as we love to travel and explore new places, it can take its toll on our bodies. Whether you’re jet-lagged or just feeling sore from exploring the sights, a massage can offer a relaxing reprieve while on vacation. Fortunately, there are lots of hotels that now offer in-room massage services.

Where To Get A Massage At Your Destination


When you book your hotel, be sure to find out if they offer in-room massages. You can typically find this information on the hotel website, or by checking with the front desk before you make a reservation. If your hotel doesn’t offer in-room massages, there are plenty of other options for getting a massage on vacation.

Many spas and salons offer in-house services, and many of these places can do appointments for walk-ins. If you don’t mind going out of your way to get your massage, look for hotels that offer online booking services.

In-Room Massages


If you’re staying at a hotel that offers in-room massages, the experience may vary depending on the hotel. The kind of massage you receive will depend on which therapist is assigned to your room, and what they specialize in. For example, an aromatherapist may use oils and scents, while a sports massage therapist might offer deep tissue or 출장마사지 (business trip massage).

Lounge Massages


The first option is a lounge massage. Lounge massages are often available at higher-end hotels and resorts, but may also be found at lower-priced properties. A lounge massage typically takes place in the hotel’s spa, which is usually separate from the main building.

The great thing about a lounge massage is that you can get one on your schedule. Generally, they are not time-sensitive, so you can book one during off-hours or an evening to ensure it’s less crowded. Some hotels offer specialty services like couples and pregnancy massages too.

Spa Services


At Luxury Hotels If you’re staying at a luxury hotel, you may have the option of booking spa services. Spa services are becoming more and more common in top hotels and offer a variety of different treatments. Some popular spa treatments that you may be able to book include seaweed facials, therapeutic massages, and salt scrubs.

On-Site Spa


Many luxury hotels have an in-room spa, which means that you can get the full spa experience – from start to finish – without ever leaving your room.

This is ideal if you want to travel light (or if you don’t want to go out in public) and still enjoy a massage. Plus, many spas offer a variety of spa treatments, so it’s possible to combine a massage with other treatments like facials or salt baths.



A massage is an integral part of the vacation experience, and if you’re staying at a hotel, there are several options available. If you’re staying in a luxury hotel, chances are they have on-site spa facilities where you can get a massage. You can also book an appointment with their in-room masseuse. If you’re staying at a more budget-friendly hotel, likely, they don’t offer on-site spa services.


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