A Comprehensive Guide On All Things Bikejoring Equipment – The Ultimate Outdoor Sport

Fun with your Dog - Bikejoring, Canicross, Kickbiking | Yours Outdoors |  Haliburton Highlands, OntarioMany of us are adventurous and love to try new things. We travel to different parts of the world, climb mountains, go on expeditions to remote locations and even learn new sports. But have you ever heard of a sport that involves dogs?


If not, let us introduce you to the exhilarating sport of bikejoring—an active outdoor pastime that combines cross-country skiing and dog sledding. So now you probably have a million questions about this unique activity. Is it a type of hunting with your dog? What does it involve? How do you do it? Do you even need a special breed of dog to participate?


What Is Bikejoring?


Bikejoring is a winter activity that combines cross-country skiing and dog sledding. It’s also called skijoring, which is Swedish for ski driving. The term bikejoring is derived from the words bicycle and jor (to drive). During this activity, the person wears ski gear while they stand on a specially designed platform attached to the back of a bike.


They then lead their pet on a long leash that goes around their waist and attaches to the dog’s harness. The dog then pulls them along an off-road trail or can be ridden in a certain direction depending on how the trail is laid out.


Reasons To Try Cycling With Your Dog


Bikejoring is an outdoor sport that can be enjoyed by anyone looking for a new way to exercise with their dog. It’s also a great way to combine two of your favorite pastimes: cycling and spending time with your canine companion.


And if you’re wondering how it works, it’s basically like cross-country skiing, but your dog acts as the “ski.” The dog wears a Bikejoring equipment harness that connects to the back of the bike, while you use ski poles to push yourself forward. Read on for reasons why you should try this unique activity…


Equipment And Fitness Requirements


To bikejor you will need: 


  • A bicycle. 
  • A sturdy harness and leash to tie your dog to the bicycle. 
  • A bike trailer or sled to haul your gear in.


Bikejoring is a very low-impact exercise that can be done with any size of dog (though some breeds are better suited for it). The main requirement is that your dog must be fit enough to pull a person on a bike for miles at a time.


If you are not into biking, but still want to try out this sport, then you can also use other transport modes like a skateboard, rollerblades, or even snowshoes. You should wear comfortable clothes and make sure you have gloves on if you want to hold the handlebar of the bike.


You should also wear layers as biking in cold weather can be quite chilly. Bikejoring is not considered an extreme sport because there are no special tools or equipment required for it.


How To Start Bikejoring


Who can bikejor? 


  • You need a dog who likes to run and pull. 
  • You also need a bike or cross-country skiis and protection for your hands, feet, and knees. 
  • Most people use a bicycle, but some choose to use cross-country skiis if they live in a region where the snow is deep enough. 
  • Some people prefer to be towed behind the bike or skis while others like to ride in front of their dog pulling gear. The choice is yours!

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