A Beginner’s Guide To Selling Annuity With Structured Settlement Marketplace

Annuities are for financially securing your and your family’s future. But we cannot overlook their advantages in the present state. If you are struggling with keeping up with your expenses, selling annuities might be the best idea.

In this way, you can get a lump sum amount of your future payments anytime you wish. It is convenient and only takes up to 3-4 weeks to get your hands on the cash.

However, when it comes to such crucial yet, delicate matters, you cannot trust everyone. Therefore, companies like Structured Settlement Marketplace help clients to get done with buying/selling structured settlements and annuities.

Different selling options

Selling annuities with Structured Settlement Marketplace offers you two routes for greater convenience. You can either sell your entire annuities or sell a percentage of your remaining payments. Let us take a closer look at these options.

  1. Selling your annuities

If your prevailing circumstances demand a large lump sum of cash instead of smaller long-term payments, this option is the best. In this case, you can sell your annuity to receive a one-time payment.

However, the amount is smaller than what you would have received if you did not sell.

  1. Selling a portion of annuities

Partially selling your annuities enables the seller to receive a portion of their payments and tax benefits. They can sell any percentage of their annuities to receive a lump sum amount for immediate financial situations.

Structured Settlement Marketplace offers two options in this approach:

  • You can either sell a percentage or set a number of payments
  • You can determine a period of payments to sell

The latter option requires the seller to give up their right to receive payments to a buyer for a period.

The process of selling annuities

Selling annuities with Structured Settlement Marketplace is not a hard nut to crack. This technology-driven firm offers a reliable, simple, and efficient mode of working to accommodate different clients.

  1. The first thing you need to do is contacting the firm regarding your selling or buying plans. If you are doing this for the first time, your mind must have never-ending questions.
  2. The team will evaluate an estimated value of your annuities and how much money you will receive after selling them. For this, you can also use their online quote calculator that takes only a few seconds to display the results.
  3. Next, choose a selling option that fits your situation the best. After that, the professionals will start the process of buying your annuities to allocate you funds as soon as possible.
  4. Now you have to complete the necessary paperwork for fool-proof action and quick results. It includes :
  • A signed copy of the annuity contract
  • A signed copy to authorize the buyer for completing the sale
  • A change of ownership form

  1. Once you get past this stage, the paperwork goes to your insurance company. The company will make necessary adjustments if required and send an official notice to the buyer to proceed.

So as soon as the buyer receives this notice from the firm, you will receive them right away. It is as simple as taking a stroll in the park.

Browse their official website or contact them through email to know more about their services. Get your quote today and secure your financial situation.

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