3 Prominent Features You Can Get From Formuler Z8 Pro – Get The Details Here!

People that keep updated by the new arrivals of technology must be aware of formuler z8 pro. This is a new IPTV that is now out for sale. People who are interested in buying IPTVs are getting crazy over their features. The features of this formuler are known to be the best features ever. Sometime prior to the launch of the formuler z8 pro company has also launched the formuler’s original z8.

That was also a really good model, that’s why it makes people eager to know that what new features and services this new model can provide them. Because these are basically the same models, but formuler z8 pro contains better features than the original z8. So here is a brief discussion present that can tell you about all the evolved and new features of formuler z8 pr. If you want to know about those features, then you should read the information provided underneath.

  1. Wireless functioning


There might be some people who want to watch wireless TVs. If you are one of those, then formulas z8 Pro is the right choice for you as this streaming box will provide you with a Wi-Fi receptor. These Wi-Fi receptors will provide you more stability for your streaming than the original z8 model. These make a huge difference in the quality of the video you are watching through your IPTV. You can easily compare the difference between both IPTVs when you are watching any high-quality content through them.

  1. Modified remote control


The remote provided with formuler z8 Pro is GTV-IR, but it is not provided with the old pattern and design. You will be able to see new modifications in remote controls as they are entirely renewed. These are now in a more compact form and contain few buttons only so that it becomes easy for them to operate it.

The support of updates makes these remotes more dynamic and interesting for people. You can get a wholly modified remote control that also supports all kinds of latest updates provided by IPTVs.

  1. Widevine L1 certification


When you are buying formula z8 Pro then you will be provided with widevine L1 certification. You do not have to take it from any other source as it will be priorly installed by the factory from which you are buying it. It is a certificate that is needed for some apps and websites that support high-quality video like 4K and full HD.

There are many websites that demand the certificate before providing any video or show to you in high quality. If you have the original z8, you can also get the widevine L1 certification by updating your original z8 model.

These are the features that are highly appreciated by the people. You can expect to have HD streaming with the new formuler z8 pro. They will help you in streaming your shows with wireless receptors. Thus you can say that the pro version is more astounding for you to buy.

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